Tsurushi Silver Mine

This mine was first discovered in the middle of the 16th century and was the largest silver mine in Sado, where more than 600 remains of mining are identified. Various mining techniques at different times have been identified: “surface mining”, mining ores on the surface of the ground; “chase mining”, mining chasing after the shape of veins; “Yokoai mining”, mining ores by digging horizontal tunnel. In addition, many related remains were identified such as local magistrate’s office, mining village, and so on.

Otaki Mabu Tunnel(Photo by Hoichi Nishiyama)

Otaki Mabu Tunnel

This silver mine was a forerunner to the first discovery of Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine. There are many visible traces that show transition from surface mining to tunnel mining. Otaki Mabu Tunnel is described on the records and illustrations in the Edo period and is one of the representative tunnels in Tsurushi.

  • Local magistrate’s office, on man-made terrace
  • Hyakumaidaira, large surface mining site
  • Byobusawa, chase mining site