Visiting Lectures and Classes

Lecture Delivery

Feel free to request our lectures on the Sado Gold and Silver Mines

Prefectural officials visit school classes and study groups organized by various organizations to explain the history and attractiveness of the Sado Gold and Silver Mines, points to consider when visiting the site, general information on World Heritage sites, and other information in an easy-to-understand manner.

School visits (for elementary and junior high school students)

We visit schools to explain the history and features of the Sado Gold and Silver Mine to many children in an easy-to-understand manner, and have them utilize the information in school educational activities.
We offer school visits all year round to be used widely for classes such as the Period for Integrated Studies and Social Studies.

Class overview

Intended audience
Elementary and junior high school students
Lecture duration
Approx. 1 hour
Class content
  1. History and features of the Sado Gold and Silver Mines
  2. Overview of World Heritage Sites
  3. Points for observation during school excursions, etc.
Please contact us if you would like to request content other than the above.

Lectures (for the general public)

We deliver this lecture for study sessions held by various organizations, such as classes at senior high schools, universities and vocational schools, community center activities, and training at companies.
We will visit any meeting held within Niigata prefecture (excluding Sado City). (Can be conducted online for out-of-prefecture groups)

Lecture overview

Make Sado a World Heritage Site!
Candidate for World Heritage: Sado Island Gold Mines
Lecture duration
Approx. 1 hour ~ 90 minutes
Lecture content
  1. What are the Sado Island Gold Mines?
  2. What are the features and values of the Sado Gold and Silver Mines?
  3. What is World Heritage?
  4. Efforts toward world heritage inscription