About Sado Island Gold Mines

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    Nishimikawa Placer Gold Mine

    These are the only placer gold deposits in Japan, and it is believed that they are alluded to in the book "Konjaku-monogatari-shu (Tales of Times Now and Past)." There are many surviving relics that show the placer mining systems used during the Edo Period.

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    Tsurushi Silver Mine

    This silver mine led to the discovery of the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine. There are several traces that indicate the transition from surface mining to tunnel mining.

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    Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine

    As Japan’s largest gold and silver mine, its mining operation began in the late 16th century. Its collection of preserved mining relics and mining village ruins from several eras all in a single location is an exceptional case not found anywhere else in the world.

Sado Gold and Silver Mine
Points of Interest

Kirarium Sado
Sado Gold and Silver Mine Information Facility

This facility is the main source of information for Sado Gold and Silver Mine. It offers a basic outline, as well as information about the local area and sightseeing in Sado City on foot.

Hours of Operation
8:30A.M. to 5:00P.M.(Last entry at 4:30P.M.)

Admission Fee
Adults: ¥300 *Children: ¥150
For groups of 15 or more
Adults: ¥250 *Children: ¥100

*Refers to Elementary and Junior High School aged children. Children under elementary school age may enter free of charge.

Phone: 0259-74-2215


Doyu-no-warito Open-Cut

A symbol of the Sado Gold and Silver Mine, it is a remnant of the surface mining of the Doyu Vein, mined during the Edo period. As a result of human excavation, the opening of the Doyu-no-warito extends to a depth of 74m and a width of 30m, essentially splitting the mountain in two.


Sado Gold Mine, Historic Site

The Edo-period Sodayu Tunnel and other mining facilities are open to the public. There is also a gold mine museum where visitors can learn in detail about conditions at the mine when it was operated.


Sado Magistrate's Office

Established by Okubo Nagayasu in 1603, it was the center of Sado's mine management and governance during the Edo period. Restored in 2000.


An Enchanting Island:Sado Island Gold Mines,
The Path Towards World Heritage Status

"Sado Island Gold Mines" is one of Japan's industrial heritages. The most advanced mining techniques of the time were poured into it. On the path toward achieving World Heritage inscription, we are confronted anew by the enchantment of Sado Island Gold Mines.

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Access to Sado Island

Transportation between Niigata on the mainland and Sado Island

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  • Access to Aikawa Gold and Silver Mine